Anthurium veitchii 'King'

Anthurium veitchii 'King'

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 These are a must have for any Anthurium collector. Their heavily rippled, deep green foliage can grow to 3' long in under 3 years!

Keeping with our mission of making difficult to find plants more easily accessible, our plants are small, starter plants that can be grown into specimens. They will arrive carefully wrapped and ready to be planted into a pot of your choosing. For these 4" plants, we recommend planting them into 4" "azalea" terra-cotta pots using a high quality, well-draining potting mix. This will allow their shallow roots to run wide and begin filling the pot.

Anthuriums prefer to be root-bound in their pots, so only bump them up when it looks as though they're about to bust out of the pot! Allow them to dry out before watering again. Provide bright, filtered sunlight for the best growth and fertilize with a low dose 1-2 times per week to maintain vigorous growth.


Size Available:

  • Pot Size: 4", plants will be ~4-5" tall and wide.