Macodes petola - Jewel Orchid
Macodes petola - Jewel Orchid

Macodes petola - Jewel Orchid

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This Jewel Orchid is so called because of the metallic gold veins running throughout the vibrant green foliage. Contrary to popular belief, these orchids are relatively easy to grow! If you're an experienced plant grower, you should give yourself a bit of a challenge and try growing these. Just keep in mind that they are relatively slow growing so don't expect them to take off. Slow and steady is their motto.

They thrive in pretty dense shade, making them ideal houseplants. Plants thrive when grown in 100% sphagnum moss or extremely well draining soil. Saturate the soil once it becomes slightly dry.

For more info on the Macodes genus, check out the American Orchid Society.  


Size Available:

  • Plant Size: 2" pot size equivalent, 2-3" tall.
  • Party Pack of 5 Plants + 40% discount.

Plants will be shipped in our Babe Cases, not in the square pots shown. We plant them into the pots to help prevent them from drying out, but are not ideal for our shipping practices.