Pilea peperomioides Babes
Pilea peperomioides Babes

Pilea peperomioides Babes

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P. peperomioides are more than easy to grow in your home. Their vibrant green leaves contrast nicely with nearly any color. P. peperomioides require bright, indirect sunlight, and frequent waterings.

Your Pilea Babe(s) will arrive as well rooted, bare-root Babes. Click here to check out the planter.

  • As soon as you receive the plants, water them if needed.
  • Afterwards, feel free to plant the plant(s) in 2" or 4" pots using a high quality potting soil. 
  • Allow the soil to slightly dry out before watering again.


Sizes Available:

  • Babe: plants are ~3-4” tall.
  • Party Pack: 5 Babes w/ a 20% discount.