It's our goal to get your plants to you in the safest, most economical manner possible. Below are some commonly asked questions.


How soon will my order ship?

  • Due to the summer heat, we are only shipping on Mondays & Tuesdays to avoid any delays in transit time. This ensures your plants arrive as happy and healthy as they were when we packed them.
  • We aim for a 1-2 business day processing time, provided all items you ordered are available.
  • In the event an item isn't available, we'll quickly send you an email. We then wait 3 business days before refunding the item/order and/or shipping the remaining items.

I need to have my order arrive sooner than the shipping options indicate. Is this possible?

  • Generally speaking, yes. We are able to bump your order to the front, but no shipping discounts will apply. Send us a message, if needed.

How do you pack orders?

  • Weather permitting, we ship with as little packing material as safely possible. Some Tillandsia are quite fragile and we do our best to ensure they won't be damaged during transit.
  • As for mounted stags, we secure every plant to the side of the box so it won't shift during transit. You'll need a Phillips screwdriver to release them.
  • Plants with roots are packed as safely as can be without damaging the plant. They're then packed in a manner so they won't shift on the journey.
  • We do our best to use 100% recyclable shipping material. Often times we reuse shipping material from shipments we receive. Should your order arrive with plastic packaging, know that we have given it a second life.

I live in the OKC metro area. Can you deliver?

  • Short answer, yes! We love meeting our clients in person and introducing ourselves. If we see the delivery address is in a city nearby, we'll do our best to reach out to you to schedule a delivery somewhere that's convenient for both of us.
  • Often, the delivery fee is refunded 100% if we're able to meet somewhere that's convenient enough for us both. OKC is a big city! Only a partial refund will be issued in select cases.
  • If we're busy with orders and not able to get your order out quickly, we may ship it via your selected method so you can enjoy the plants as soon as possible.

It's cold in my area; will you still ship plants?

  • If your area is too cold for plants, we'll ask that you add a heat pack or ship to an address where the package can be brought inside immediately.
  • Often times, we'll check the weather for the delivery address and send you an email if we think you should add a heat pack or if it's just too cold.
  • We do not cover damage done by cold weather during transit, so it may be advisable to wait until warmer weather to ship your plants.
  • We do our best not to hold orders (placed in December, but not shipped until April) as plant availability is constantly changing. If you'd like a very specific plant, but safe shipping methods can't be met, we'll assess each case individually.

My item was damaged during transit. What should I do?

  • Please, let us know as quickly as possible! Reply to any email you've received from us or send us a message. Depending on the specific case, we may file a claim with the carrier or just send you a replacement at no cost to you.

What if I want something you don't have?

  • Send us a message! We may even have the plants, but haven't listed them yet. If we don't have it, it may be on an order. Always worth checking with us!

Have a question that wasn't answered here?

  • All you have to do is send us a message! Typically, we're able to respond fairly quickly, even on weekends.