Alocasia lauterbachiana

Alocasia lauterbachiana

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This is one of those species that is difficult to appreciate until you see it in person. At first glance, you wouldn't guess this is an Alocasia. Actually, it was reclassified from two previous genera before landing in the Alocasia genus! It's also known as the purple sword plant.

Mature plants reach 2-3' tall, making this a sea-dwarf amongst the giants, but no less interesting. The sword shaped foliage has coppery-purple backsides with a green top and scalloped leaf margin. They're great as focal points in summer pots and great as winter houseplants.

Provide constant moisture, air movement, and plenty of sun for these to thrive! Never allow the plants to dry out.


Sizes Available:

  • Pot Size: 6", plants are 20-24" tall.