Calathea lancifolia

Calathea lancifolia

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As you may know, nearly the entire genus of Calathea is prized for its patterned foliage. C. lancifolia is not exception! Also known as the Rattlensake Calathea, it's pretty easy to see why. Foliage is "lanceolate," hence the specific epithet, and covered in a spotted pattern with marroon-purple undersides.

Place them in a room that has a northern or eastern exposure since they require "bright shade." If in a room that receives western or southern exposure, be sure they're at least a few feet away from the nearest window so the foliage doesn't burn. (They do grow naturally on the jungle floor, after all!) These plants also appreciate any additional humidity you're able to provide!


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  • Pot Size: 6", plants are ~8" tall