Grandpa Head Planter
Grandpa Head Planter

Grandpa Head Planter

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    Made of volcanic stone from the last eruption of Volcano Baru, Panama Central America about 500 years ago. The event was recorded in the diaries of the Spaniards in Panama at the time. Warriors are inspired by the Barriles culture, an indigenous group that lived on the slopes of the volcano during the Period of Aguas Buenas (300-900A.D).

    Each stone planter is carved by hand with a hammer and chisel, making every piece unique. You can plant directly into each planter! They're perfect for just about any of our Babes. There's a round piece of cork underneath to protect any surface.
    I do recommend watering the plant over the sink since it will leak any excess water.
    They're great for Philodendrons, ferns, and just about any other "creeping" or low plant.

    Size Available:
    • Small: height is ~4" and width is ~3.50"