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GROWING: Heart Fern

GROWING: Heart Fern

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The next batch of plants will be ready to ship the week of June 22nd.


I first ran into a heart fern several years ago when a grower pitched it to me as a Valentine's Day plant, but this plant is far more special than to succumb to being a "holiday plant."

The foliage is the most perfect shade of green (sorry, Pilea!) and truly cordate shaped. While appearing delicate, these plants are surprisingly tough when provided when consistent moisture. Capable of tolerating more sunlight than you would expect from a fern, but we still recommend morning sunlight only.

If you're bad about watering regularly, this may not be the plant for you. Or, consider adding a tray underneath your plant that you keep filled with water. This will allow the soil within the planter to wick water as needed, providing consistent moisture for the roots.


Size Available:

  • Pot Size: 4", plants will be 3-5" tall at time of shipping.