Korean Hand Hoe
Korean Hand Hoe

Korean Hand Hoe

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  • Unrivaled quality - lifetime guaranteed.
  • Manufactured in Holland by DeWit since 1898.
  • Also known as the "Ho-Mi"
  • Great for digging and cultivating, but works well for setting bulbs.
  • The Japanese Hand Hoe is better suited for smaller areas since it has a thinner blade.
  • This is by far our favorite tool! It has replaced our trowel and cultivator.
  • Blade is shaped like a plow and takes a few minutes to get used to, but we can guarantee that your wrist will thank you.
  • Jeff, the Owner, is left-handed, but his right hand is dominant in the garden, so he uses the right handed tool. Keep in mind which hand is dominant when choosing your tool.
  • Dimensions: 12" overall and 6" long x 3" wide blade.