Medium Tillandsia Arrangements
Medium Tillandsia Arrangements
Medium Tillandsia Arrangements

Medium Tillandsia Arrangements

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  • Love air plants, but aren't quite sure what to do with them? This is perfect for you!
  • Great for desks, centerpieces, or just about anywhere in your home or office that receives ample light.
  • Care couldn't be easier! Click here to check out our Tilly Care 101 page.
  • These plants will generally thrive in a room with a window that receives Western or Southern sunlight.
  • During the warm Spring & Summer months, feel free to place these babies outside! They prefer early morning sun with protection from the intense afternoon sunlight. Dappled shade is ideal.
  • The first picture represents a medium #2 arrangement and will include select Bromeliads that are epiphytic (air plant like).
  • Actual plants used may or may not be the same as those represented here, but will be similar. Should you have preferences, be sure to leave a note on the checkout page with your preferred varieties.
  • All grape wood pieces are approximately 12" long and 8"-12" in width, but will vary as it is a natural product.
  • If you have something specific in mind, just send us a message through our Contact Page! We'd love to work with you on coming up with a unique arrangement that fits your exact needs.