Neoregelia mooreana

Neoregelia mooreana

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Despite its unforgiving spines, this Neoregelia is a personal favorite of mine because of the recurving, vibrant green foliage and growth habit. It's a species native to the northern part of South America and thrives in high light levels when grown indoors.

If growing outdoors, provide partial shade for the best growth and coloring. When grown in higher light conditions, the foliage will be a more vibrant yellow-green coloring. Plants will typically reach 6-7" tall and 8-9" wide at maturity, perfect for terrariums or the gardener with limited space. This species also reproduces prolifically via long stolons. Allow the pups to reach at least 2/3 the size of the mother plant prior to removing.


Size Available:

  • 4” pot size, 4-6” tall