Sansevieria masoniana
Sansevieria masoniana

Sansevieria masoniana

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Also known as 'Shark Fin' or 'Whale Fin' Snake Plant, Sansevieria masoniana are instantly recognizable. Their large, blade-shaped foliage is quite unique and commands attention in a room.

These plants grow from underground modified stems called "rhizomes" and will continue to snake throughout the soil, sending up new leaves as they grow. Pictured is a plant with 1 mature blade and another that is midway through unfurling. It has been planted in our Dragonscale Planter, one of our favorites.

As with all other Sansevieria, these plants thrive on neglect! I commonly refer to these as "closet plants." They don't require much water or light to be happy, but moderately bright light (eastern exposure) will bring out the best leaf coloring. All Sansevieria are slow growing and this variety will reach 24-36" tall at maturity.

Allow the soil to completely dry out before watering again and provide it with low to moderate bright light (northern to eastern exposure).


Size Available:

  • Bareroot Plant, ~12" tall.