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T. caput-medusae
T. caput-medusae

T. caput-medusae

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Being native to areas with higher than average humidity, the "fuzz" that covers T. caput-medusae is actually how the plant absorbs water! The organs are called "trichomes" and basically wick water vapor right out of the air!

Being one of the easier Tillandsia to care for, these plants have thicker than average foliage and can survive relatively long periods without being watered inside the home. We recommend bright light for these plants to thrive.

At some point in their lifetime, these plants will send out a red unbranched inflorescence. Shortly after you will begin to see violet blooms pop out! This will typically occur shortly after the plant reaches maturity, around 9" - 10" in height.

Size Available:

  • Small: 3-4"
  • Large: size TBD